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Ellis is a computer based learning program that allows learners to build a foundation for learning language from pre literacy through a mastery level.

It's 18 lessons introduce essential concepts such as the alphabet, sound/sympbol correspondence, and sight word recognition, while developing vocabulary and literacy skills.

Whether the student is advanced or just beginning, ELLIS technology is an excellent and fun way to help students learn English. Using LVCC's computer lab at its offices on Airport Road, this exciting interactive computer program offers simple and easy-to-use technology to learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and communication.

Students sit at their own private station, put on headphones and interact with and learn English from actors on the computer screen who act out real-life situations. Such situations may include shopping, using public transportation, dining in a restaurant, or getting medical attention.

The program is self-guided so students can stop or repeat a scene, view the script as they are acted out, speed up or slow down the speed of the dialogue, and record and compare their voices to those of native speakers. Every listening activity becomes a speaking opportunity. Practice activities are also built into each learning objective.

Our students agree, that using ELLIS helps make learning English fun!